A Creative Process


Having lived in eight coutries and visited many more, my inspiration comes from all sorts of places. Any special image that catches my eye on a trip or on any given day here in Tokyo can be the inspiration for one of my paintings.

For example out for dinner on a weekend right around Halloween when many parties were taking place around the Ropongi area I captured the following pictures on my phone camera on my way to the restaurant...


On another day out shoping in Shibuya I crossed a group of really fun moms all dressed up and going on a walk with their babies. Just couldn't resist and had to ask them if i could snap their photo with my phone......they were very sweet and instantly posed for me as follows!!!!!

Couldn't decide who was more doll like, the adorable babies or their super cute moms!!!!!!!!

Any of these pictures might end up as one of my paintings together with my other visions of Japan....