Manga self-portrait   photograph

Manga self-portrait photograph




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It will be my pleasure to help you decide on which piece of art to buy. If you happen to be in Japan  I invite you any time for  a viewing of your favorite paintings  over coffee and tea .  Come and see them in person and I can give you some background detail on each piece.  If you live out of Tokyo I can always send you extra pictures or details of the works in question or we can Skype anytime.  Please also look at the photos from past exhibitions here under...

Each of my paintings comes with it's  own Artist"s Certification.

Prizes are given in Japanese Yen and do not include transportation.

Shipment fee will apply to goods shipped to all other points of Japan and all other countries.

Please send me an e-mail and according to destination and size of the selected painting we will calculate the shipment expenses and  arrange for payment and delivery.

Transportation within Tokyo and Yokohama area will be free, I will deliver the painting myself and even hang it for you in which ever place you have chosen for it. If you have several spaces I can help you decide where to hang it. Finding a home for my paintings where they will give good vibes and be appreciated it upmost on my mind and getting to know the buyer is one of the most enriching processes of being an artist, my doors are always open....


 E X H I B I T I O N S :

"Spain Art meets Japan Tradition"  (Collaboration with Lladró in Tokyo)

Solo joint collaboration with Lladró flagship store boutique in Ginza Tokyo.

June 9th to June 16th 2017

On show 14 paintings 10 from my Kabuki series Gallery and three from other galleries; Visions of Japan, Buddha Gallery and Other paintings Gallery.




“Colores de Kabuki”  歌舞伎の色彩 “Kabuki Colors”

Solo Exhibition at the Spanish Embassy of Tokyo

Roppongy 1-3-29、 Minato Ku, Tokyo

May 11th to May 25th 2017

On show 21 paintings from my Kabuki Series Gallery.

Please click on the slide show below..


   Art Mirai 20th International Art Exhibition

National Art Center 国立新美術館

June 24th to July 6th 2015

On show two paintings "The Heron's daughter"" and "Purple C;ouds" 


       " Trazos de Color"  (色の軌跡)(Color Strokes)

Solo exhibition at the Spanish Embassy of Tokyo

 Ropongy 1-3-29, Minato-Ku Tokyo

April 14th Tuesday to Saturday 25th 2015

 On show in total 38 paintings from the following;;  Buddha Gallery, Monk and Temple Gallery,Visions of Japan, Oiran,Geishas and Maikos Gallery and the Tea Ceremony Gallery.



        Atelier Ebi.Omo Joint  Charity Exhibition

Museum of Meguro Ward, Kumin Gallery  目黒区美術館国民ギャラリー

Meguro 2-4-36, Meguro-Ku Tokyo

December 10th to 14th, 2014


at the Meguro Museum Art Exhibit with my "Tea Ceremony II"  Tokyo December 2014    

at the Meguro Museum Art Exhibit with my "Tea Ceremony II"  Tokyo December 2014









 サムホル チヤリテイ- exhibition (Sam Hall Charity Exhibition)

Joint small works charity exhibition at the Hiroshige Gallery

Ebisu-3-36-7, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

April 4th to April 16th 2013


       Buddha's Essence

One month solo exhibition at Coromandel Restaurant,

30 Division St., New Rochelle, New York

June 2006

On show 14 paintings from my Buddha and ContemplationBuddha  Galleries


       40 Years of Painting

A joint exhibition at the Westchester Gallery & the Alexander Gallery

 at the Scarsdale J.C.C. New York

January - February, 2006

On Show "Contemplation"


       Yilin Art Club Exhibition

Joint Chinese fine brush painting exhibition

organized  at the Hong Kah East Community Club, 

05-10 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore

October 1999

On Show 2 sumie paintings "After the storm"  and "The Stork"


       Madrigal Art Exhibition

Joint exhibition organized at the Madrigal Art Center, 

Ayala Alabang, Manila,  Philippines.

 December 1997