Welcome to my website. Right now I am living in Japan for the second time, enjoying its art and culture. I have fallen under it's spell which is very much reflected in my recent paintings. While living and traveling in this unique country, I have developed an eye for all things Japanese which has made my recent paintings  a much enjoyed theme.  You can view them in the following Galleries: "Visions of Japan" ,  "Tea Ceremony Series", " Oiran, Geishas and Maikos" and last but not least my ongoing  "Kabuki Series" that is very promising!!

        In all my work I strive to convey information through the use of color. Through color I express not just dimension and light but also atmosphere and feelings.  In my opinion a work of art, no matter of which kind, should speak for itself since sometimes over analyzing it might take away some of it's freshness. There is much in favor of letting yourself just react to art as you take it in for the first time.  Some pieces fall under the "love at first sight" category while others grow on you the more you look at them....... in the end it is all about experiencing art.