Welcome to my website. Born in Spain already at 11 months of age I was on the go... first with my parents and later on  with my own family.  I have spent most of my life living in different countries around the globe making wonderful friends in the process. I have picked up the habbits I liked from these cultures, studied their languages and hopefully have learned a good degree of humility, open mindedness and generosity on the way.  Since childhood drawing and painted came easily and I never gave it any special thought, in fact my main studies had nothing to do with art and yet it was always there close to the surface in everything I did. Life is difficult for everyone and yet we always find the time to see the beauty in all that surrounds us. We are drawn to beauty whether we are conscious of it or not. Even when we study any activity and make an effort to master it, suddenly it  becomes "the art of...something or other",  as in "the art of running" "The art of fishing" 'The art of cooking".. etc. The beauty of perfecting something is an art in itself and it is this broad sense of art that I am attached to, Whether it is building a house, learning  a computing language or understanding  a painting by Picasso our lives are permeated with art in the form of sound, movement, patterns and color. Living in all these different cultures has left an imprint on me that shows in my paintings, they are a fusion of all the art, beauty and joy I have found around the world.

       In my paintings I tend to convey information through the use of color. Through color I express not just dimension and light but also atmosphere and feelings.  In my opinion a work of art, no matter of which kind, should speak for itself since sometimes over analyzing it might take away some of it's freshness. There is much in favor of letting yourself just react to art as you take it in for the first time.  Some pieces fall under the "love at first sight" category while others grow on you the more you look at them....... in the end it is all about experiencing art.

        Right now I am living in Japan for the second time, enjoying its art and culture. I have fallen under it's spell which is very much reflected in my recent paintings. While living and traveling in this unique country, I have developed an eye for all things Japanese which has made my recent paintings  a much enjoyed theme.  You can view them in the following Galleries: "Visions of Japan" ,  "Tea Ceremony Series", " Oiran, Geishas and Maikos" and my most recent Kabuki Series and Vintage Japan ....